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Baltimore VA Medical Center Optometry Residency Program

Our Facilities

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Baltimore VA Residency Facility


The Baltimore VA Medical Center was completed and opened in January, 1993.  The facility is a state-of-the-art major medical and surgical center. 


There are 324 beds and includes departments in emergency care, primary care, dentistry, podiatry, neurology, neurosurgery, urology, oncology, cardiology, vascular surgery, radiology, pulmonary, audiology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, Eye Care, psychiatry, psychology, physical therapy, hypertension, diabetes and infectious disease.


The VAMC is affiliated with The University of Maryland School of Medicine. 


The Eye Clinic includes nine fully equipped examination rooms. Each room contains a Haag Streit biomicroscope with Goldmann tonometer, binocular indirect ophthalmoscope, phoropter, chart projector, keratometer, hand held instruments, indirect fundus lenses, gonioscopy lenses and trial lenses. 


There are also two Humphrey HFA II automated perimeters, Cirrus SD-OCT with the latest capabilities to include macular and NFL progression analysis, anterior segment and high resolution images, FDT, Humphrey Matrix, one Goldmann perimeter,  A and B scan ultrasonography unit, corneal pachometer, Nidek stereoscopic fundus camera, Topcon Imagenet digital imaging system for fluorescein angiography and other image documentation, high resolution slit lamp camera, digital attachment systems, argon b/g and YAG lasers, potential acuity meter, GDx and ophthalmic slide library, projection educational system. Patient education system. 


There are special rooms designated for visual field testing, fluorescein angiography /photography, and laser procedures.  There are two staff offices for optometry staff and residents and ophthalmology staff and residents. 


Literature searches are available from the library service and on line searches can be done on any computer terminal located in each examination room.  Slide duplication, computer generated slides, slide illustration and posters are available through the in-house Medical Media Service.  


Support staff includes three full time ophthalmic technicians who performs screenings, visual fields, imaging modalities, and assist in surgeries. We also have two full time secretaries for checking patients in and clerical work.

VAMHCS main Facility
Main Hospital Facility

In addition to the above facilities, we have opened an eye clinic in the Glen Burnie facility. We now have student rotations at this location.

The Loch Raven Outpatient clinic has been recently expanded. We have tripled the size of the eye clinic and have added an  Advanced Low Vision Clinic at this facility.  Additionally, this expanded clinic has new and updated equipment including a new Cirrus SD-OCT and MP-1 microperimeter. Rotations here are educationally centric.
With the formation of the low vision clinic, we have added additional new low vision staff at this facility. Further, other specilaties have/ are relocating here. This provides further enhancement of resident education- especially in visual rehabilitation.

the following links provide additional info on our facilities:



Loch Raven outpatient clinic
Loch Raven Clinic



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