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Baltimore VA Medical Center Optometry Residency Program

Resident/Student education
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Clinical education segment:
The following files are available for you to peruse. These files are available to facilitate your clinical education.
Each file reviews specific clinical topics.

1. Visual field case

64 yo Male, has been followed for at least 6 years (earlier written notes are no longer available).  From computerized pt record notes that are available from 2000 to present:


- Open angle glaucoma suspect not on g meds, not on oral beta   


- Ta 22-26 ou off meds

- CCT 595/589

- Fm Hx negative

- .55/.6

- Vertical Disc Height 2.1, ou

- nl NFL,ou


Pt recently had repeat visual field testing.  Review the overview of the last two fields of the right eye only and decide:

a)      was the right test run

b)      was the test reliable

c)      is there a defect, by which criteria

d)      is it glaucoma

e)      is it getting worse



Download the file to view images and answers to the question.

click here to download file

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