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Baltimore VA Medical Center Optometry Residency Program

Residency Program Curriculum

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Curriculum – Baltimore VA Residency Program


1.  Didactic Academic Training

     a. Attend Tuesday morning case presentations  at Baltimore VA

     b. Attend Thursday morning Grand Rounds at Wilmer

     c. Attend Friday  morning journal journal club

     d. Attend Friday Afternoon Conference at Baltimore VA

     e. Attend specialty conferences at Wilmer and University of


     e. Attend American Academy of Optometry

         National Conference

     f. Knowledge of Educational Packet (sent out before 



2.  Clinical Experience

     a. Providing care for patients with a wide variety of systemic 

         and ocular diseases including diabetes, hypertension,

         vascular disease, glaucoma, cataract, anterior segment

         disease, refractive surgery, macular  degeneration, and

         neuro-ocular disease

     b. Perform diagnostic testing including: automated perimetry,

         matrix, FDT, GDx, A and B scan ultrasonography

     c. Perform Fluorescein angiography

     d. Learn chart documentation and coding for computerized 

         medical records

      e. Consults from other departments of the hospital

      f. Emergency Eye Consults

      g. Ordering laboratory studies

      h. Ordering neuro-imaging and vascular studies

      i. Consulting other departments for patient care

      j. Patient care through specialty clinics at the Baltimore VA

      k. External rotations:

                  Elliott Myrowitz, OD – Refractive Surgery, Anterior

                  Anterior Segment Disease –  Wilmer at Greenspring Station

                  Alan Robin, MD – Glaucoma Specialist

                  Eric Suan, MD – Retina Specialist


3. Professional Activities

   a. Lecture presentations at Friday Afternoon Conference

   b. Formal Lecture at Grand Rounds at PCO

   c. Lecture to University of Maryland Medical Students

   d. Attend American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting

   e. Discuss recent articles, research, technologies

   f. Prepare a poster for the Academy or an article for publication

   g. Supervision of 4th year optometry students during the last

       quarter of the residency year


The following links provide additional information regarding our external resident rotations:



Dr. Suan (Retina)


Dr. Robin (Glaucoma)


Dr. Myrowitz (Specialty contact lens)


Dr. Akpek (Cornea and Anterior Segment)

NOTICE:- please note that during your interview, we ask cllinically relavent questions to test your knowledge of subject matter. It is a rigorous process for both candidate and interviewer. Please do not misconstrue this as an overall evaluation of your candidacy.

Residency Handbook 2012- download

Residency Curriculum 2012- download





Morning Program


Please call or e-mail us with questions on the  program.